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Friday, January 28, 2005

I'm sick & I dont feel well....

Okay, so I have some virus that gives me all this respiratory gunk.
I feel like crap.
Because my baby's organs are forming, I can only take OTC meds for the symptoms. Which, you know--would probably be the same even if I werent pregnant because what I have is a virus--anyway. That's not the point. The point is: I feel like crap and I am whining about it!

I've been off work Wed, Thurs, now today. I'll be off Sat & Sun only to return to work on Monday.

So, I'm using three days of my super-valuable PTO, and I feel like crap. Cant even be productive with this time. I would have much rather preferred to spend these days cleaning, reorganizing, redecorating the house. But no--I get to be sick instead. Ugh.

Movie Reviews:
"The Terminal"...I didnt think it was all that. Would definitely not watch it again.
"Super Man 2"...everyone said it was better than the first. Well, I wouldnt know because I could not get through the first 30 minutes. I found it to be boring.
"The Virgin Suicides" was okay. Super bizarre...
"Collateral"...with Tom Cruise...loved it, loved it!
"Open Water"....horrible. would not sit through it again.
"Little Black Book"...different than I expected. I think I built it up too much in my head, so it was somewhat disappointing. A little cute, but I wouldnt rent it again..may watch it again if it came on t.v.

I know that's kind of a lot of movie reviews...but I'm sick & stuck at home.


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