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Monday, December 20, 2004

Woohoo! I'm blogging from home!

That's right ladies & gentlemen...apparently, we now have the internet at home.
It took me....oh, about 10 minutes just to get to this point of new entry on the blog. See, we have dial up. I am just so spoiled by fast internet connections at work, and I just forgot how slow it can be with dial up. So, Damon is checking on DSL for us. That will be great.

What's new?
Well... on Friday after work I stopped by the grocery store so that Damon would have all the key ingredients to make his sister's 39th birthday dinner. Came home. Jordan, Josh, & Ramona were all at my house. Damon made his infamous herb rubbed pork tenderloin. I made the side dishes, he made the bread, we made the birthday cake. I did point out to Ramona that I had to buy TWO boxes of candles for the cake!
It was funny. :) up...Erin came over...then Erin, Ramona & I went to Sam Moon for some fun holiday stuff. Got part of Melissa's Christmas there...wont post what those parts were just in case she's reading this! Got my sister a some dragonfly hooks for the house...we'll hang keys on them. Got some shoes... Got Damon a few stocking stuffers: a two part key chain, a leather cigar case, & something else...oh, a wallet. Well, I got those things @ a nearby luggage store. He should like them.

Then, after that I met my mom in Canton & picked up Allen. We had our little hand-off. That way, Dad wouldnt have to drive all the way down there & he & Allen would have more time together.
Mom told me that Allen did a school report on the Revolutionary War & got a 100! I asked him about it & he said that he got the highest grade in the class. I played dumb for a bit and asked him to tell me about the Revolutionary War. I asked him who won & his response was: "I think you know". I said, "Well, I forgot." He said, "Um, Nana, we live in the United States of AMERICA!" He then proceeded to tell me that Washington won & that is why there are all kinds of places named after George Washington. :) He is so funny.

Then, I went to my Mother In Law's house for Damon's family Christmas. Dad hadnt left yet, so Allen came along. Damon's sister is a special education teacher. She got a big kick out of Allen. She & Linda were standing with me in the kitchen. I asked Allen about his teacher. He said that she is "petite, oh, about 4 foot 11". I asked him if she was pretty & he said yes. Then I asked him who was prettier: me or Ms.Johnson. He looked around...looked at me....looked @ Ramona & Linda...and then said, "You both are." We replied in unison: "Good answer!" It was too cute!

What else??? We left Damon's mom's house & came home. Dad came over. We had our Christmas with dad. That was great. We ordered pizza, played games, just had a really good time.

The next day, I got up earlier than Damon...snuck into the living room & wrapped a few of his gifts.... Then, I made breakfast/lunch... Then I met Dad & Allen to go see "The Polar Express". It was good. Then we went to Ross & Big Lots. Gotta love cheap shopping!!! I got a pair of pants, a pair of jeans, a top, and a skirt @ Ross. Got some misc. stuff at Big Lots. Nothing major.:) Allen got a Lava Lamp at Ross. He loves that thing. Absolutely loves it. I dont know how well it will match his bedroom decor in the new house, but I know he loves it.

And that's one thing about my dad: he'll always go shopping with me. I have no idea if he likes it or not, because he never complains about it. :) I guess I am spoiled that way, and expected my husband to take me shopping like my dad will. Somebody explained to me that there are things that dads will do for their daughters (like endure shopping) that they wont necessarily do for their wife. I know my dad is willing to go to stores, watch me pick out shoes, or books, or clothes, or whatever...then he'll hold my purse outside of the dressing room...give me his opinion when I need it... hold my bags after shopping. That's a dad thing. Whether Damon ever does that for me or with me...whatever. If it ever happens, I'll be thrilled. If it doesnt--oh well...he never does it now so life will be the same. But, I want him to do that with our daughter if we ever have one. It's fun for me as a daughter to shop with my dad. I want Damon to at least share that with our daughter(s) someday!!!

...back to my weekend...
Sunday night--visited with Pop & Gam for a little bit. Pop looks good. Gammy's not feeling so well. I'm sure she's got this crud that is going around.
Came home. Had supper (homemade chili made by my husband!) & watched Desperate Housewives. I am so glad that show exists. I just love it & look forward to it every week! I got Damon hooked too.

This morning: got up--went to work. It was sooooo crazy in the ER today. Patients just kept pouring in. I didnt get to break for lunch--I was waaaay too busy.
Came home....went to dinner with Dad. Damon's out & about tonight so Dad came over. Damon asked me to get the dishes done before Dad came over. Well--I was in the midst of dish-duty when Dad arrived. He did my dishes for me while I wiped down the counters. Ssshhhhh...dont tell Damon!!!

We're still trying to get pregnant. We are on Cycle #2, Cycle day 11. Did my little ovulation predictor thing yesterday a faint, faint positive. That just told me that it was pre-ovulation time... Did one this afternoon/evening when I got home from work---hot-freaking-pink line! Woohoo! I ran to Damon & told him that I got my positive ovulation line & that if he wanted a boy then he needed to get to work!!! Oh, it was funny. He was actually napping at the time, and the conversation went something like this...
"Damon, I did my ovulation predictor stick & it says that I've ovulated! I did one yesterday & it was really pale. Right now, it's definitely positive!"
I think I got something like, "That's good sweetie" from my half-asleep husband.
"Damon, if you want to have a boy then you need to get to work. We only have a 24 hour window." response...
"Do you want to have a little boy?"
His response: "Not today".
At that point, I just cracked up & let him finish his nap.
At this point--I'm not going to tell the rest of the story. :)

So, lots of my friends know that we are trying to get pregnant. Family knows, etc. Everyone keeps asking if I want a boy or a girl. Well, I want to be the mother to a little girl. I just think I was born to be a mother, but I've always wanted a little girl. I've wanted to name her "Emma" since I was 4 years old. Since then, "Emma" has become a household name for me, my parents, Damon. It's just always been Emma, the little girl that I would have some day. (So you can all imagine how pissed off I was when Ross & Rachel on friends named their little girl, Emma....and it was I think the 2nd most popular girl name for 2002 or 2003. Now my little Emma is going to be one in a whole sea of "Jennifer" for our generation.) Anyway...the whole point of this paragraph: today my friend Jamie asked me if I want a boy or a girl. Suddenly--I dont really have a preference. I just want a baby. And I think about it...I dont just want an infant...I want the first day of school...I want the toddler who wraps his whole body around your leg while you're trying to do the dishes...I want the school pictures...I want the going to grandma's luggage...I want the footie pajamas... I want to stay up on Christmas eve helping Damon assemble a tricycle... I want to see him or her open it on Christmas morning! I want all of that! I want to bake the cupcakes, help with Science Fair Projects... Now...having said all that...I am sure that all the moms who've read this are probably thinking... up all night in the beginning..terrible two's... throwing of the fits...
I fully comprehend that it's a full time job. I fully comprehend the ups & downs & ear aches & sore throats & broken hearts when his or her girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with them...and they get their first speeding ticket...or wreck the car... etc.
But I know that all the moms wouldnt trade it for anything in the world.

One couple we know has been trying for 8 years...I just could not even imagine that. We've been trying for a couple of months & it seems like it will never get here!

Okay...all that being said...
Mark & Ally are pregnant & having a boy!
Blaine & Jessica are pregnant & having twins!
Jeremy & Mallory are pregnant & having a girl!
Someone else I know...cant spill just yet... is very newly pregnant!
A guy I work with--he & his wife are pregnant. They've been trying for 2 years!
I swear, something is in the water...I've got to start drinking water at their houses. Obviously our water filter is filtering out all the good stuff!

I'm signing off for tonight.
It's pretty amazing how much I can type when I've got the time, eh?


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