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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Funday Sunday.....not.

It's Sunday & I'm at stupid work.

I am working today b/c I will be off on Wednesday for my deposition. This way I get to save some of my PTO.

Damon goes back to work tomorrow after being off for one week. I know he is not excited about that.

Movie Reviews:
"Face Off"...older movie. We'd seen it before, but we watched it again over the weekend. Great action movie.

"Dodgeball"...incredibly stupid, but has some quite comical moments.
That's it...

How was New Year's??? Went to a party @ Bobby & Penny's house. Monty & Erin were there. So where quite a few other people. We had a great time. We were back home & in bed by 2:30... asleep by 3.

Yesterday's weather was unbelievable! I was wearing shorts & flip flops! It was awesome. I finally spent some time on that new swing of mine. I loved it.

I think the dog has a urinary tract infection. I wont get into all of the messy details--but I think he does. We've got him on medicine now, so that should be resolving itself shortly. (I hope!)

Damon's cooking in the crock pot today. He's so impressed that you can put all the ingredients in there, and slow cook something for 6-10 hours. woo-hoo! This, from the man who can cook practically anything. I cant believe he's never really used the crockpot before. What a freak!!'s getting kind of busy now, so I gotta run. All this, and at the end of my day! Yuck!


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