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Monday, February 07, 2005

Yesterday sucked. Today sucks too.

Well, had my first round of morning sickness yesterday.
Following that, I spilled a pan of soup, burned my finger, burst into tears, and retired to the bedroom for the rest of the day & night, only to leave the bed for the occasional run to the restroom to relieve this ever-full bladder of mine, or to heave again. This all happened around 12:45 in the afternoon. I didnt leave the bedroom until 6:30 this morning.

Loving it. Pregnancy rocks.

Everything stinks.
I can smell stuff from like 50 miles away.
I am sooooo hungry, but everything smells nasty.

So far today, I've eaten
breakfast: two ice cream sandwiches (breakfast of champions)
lunch: two small packages of pretzels and 1/2 a can of 7-up
my current afternoon snack: a watermelon jolly-rancher.
What do all of these things have in common??? They dont stink!!!!!

I refuse to see stinky patients today. And, the next nurse who asks me to go see a patient who has shit on themselves is going to get puked on. Today--I'm just not dealing with shit. (literally--shit, feces, bowel movements, etc.)

Allen's birthday is this weekend, so we're going to his party. woohoo! I hope I feel okay.

Oh--and my pants today are too tight and dont fit. I cant zip them up & so I didnt. I am wearing a sweater, so I am sure that nobody knows. I know.
I bought my first maternity pants on Friday after work. They are soooo comfy. Anyway, I wore them saturday & got chocolate on them. I have to work on getting that out tonight & washing them. I am soooo wearing them tomorrow. Like an idiot, I bought one pair of maternity pants & one pair of maternity jeans. I should have bought two pairs of maternity pants that I can wear to work. Well, I didnt. I will have to go back & get more. They are stretchy & wonderful!

Okay, I need something to drink now, so I am logging off!



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