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Friday, February 11, 2005

Thank goodness the weekend is just about here.

This morning...I threw up everything but my toenails.
When I ran out of food--I threw up bile for a good little while.
Now, I've got a general nausea that makes me want this baby to be an only child.
Seriously--I dont know if I want anymore kids.

I'm convinced this baby doesnt like me at all. If he/she did, why would they be making me so sick??? LOL.

Okay, I'm at work & just watching the clock slowly creep by.

My cough has returned from my respiratory junk.

I am such a "Debbie Downer" today (SNL reference....) I cant help it. I'm just sicker than a dog!!!!

We have a party that we are supposed to go to tonight...we'll see. So far today I've only been able to hold down lunch, which wasnt really much food at all....and I only ate that about an hour ago, so that is still standing by for evacuation should my baby decide that's necessary.

Allen's birthday is tomorrow. Doc says I cannot roller skate. Ugh. what a let down. (I know, I'm such an idiot).

I could just climb in bed & go to sleep right now...


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