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Sunday, December 23, 2012

School Party....

Gage had his little class party at school.
I was the room mother.
As room mother, I got exactly 7 pictures because I was busy doing other stuff.
Game: Pin the Nose on the Snow Man
Craft: Make a Snow Man with a Photo Face of Yourself (photo provided)
Menu: Sandwiches, veggies, sweets, and drinks
Length of Party 60-90 minutes.

OMG, I was exhausted.

Sooooo.....that was it.
He had school from 8-10, and then the party started.

And here's what I made as a sweet treat for the party:
 ...and then, in the goody-bags from Gage, there were sugar-free gum packages that I decorated to look like little snowmen. It was a tedious task, and I'm NOT sure I'll repeat it!

...and now---school's out for Winter Break! Yippppyyyyy!!!!!

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