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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The day my head exploded.

Carol E, this post is for you. Why? Because YOU will appreciate it.

The next time it rolls around for people to volunteer to be room parent---if you see my hand go up, slap it down. Slap me and shake me if you have to.

"Oh, you'll just have to organize two holiday parties for the kids. That's all."

Do I look like a teacher? Do I look like I know what I'm doing? The only thing I'm qualified to lead in that classroom is Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and you can bet your sweet ass that's exactly what we're doing at the upcoming holiday party.
....well, except it's Pin the Carrot Nose on the Snowman.
Clearly, he's not Frosty b/c he had a button nose and his pipe is banned b/c there's no smoking on campus. I'm just sayin'....

So why is today the day my head exploded (...or rather, is about to explode at any minute)?
Because I've been to Walmart THREE TIMES TODAY.
I no longer like people.
At all.
Any kind of people.
Because THAT's what three trips to Walmart in one day the week before Christmas will do to you!

To top it off: I've been to two Walmarts in two different cities. Why? Because I went to one Walmart this morning.....but I knew that I had a dr's appt, so I just bought dry goods for Gage's party tomorrow. And, I couldn't work the instant-print-photo machine b/c it was soooooo sloooooow, and "ain't nobody got time fo that!" So, I dropped them off for one hour. Then, I checked out and went to the chiropractor. When I left the chiropractor's office, I forgot about the pictures (which I need for tomorrow's holiday craft at the holiday party), and I got on the freeway heading home. Well, crap. Had to exit, turn around, & go back to Walmart. Went in. Got the pictures. Came home. Had lunch. Organized the grocery list/cold items for the party list, and headed up to my LOCAL Walmart to finish my shopping. Why did I even do my grocery shopping AT ALL at Walmart? Because I was going to order holiday sandwich trays for two holiday parties this week, and Walmart had better pricing on that than Subway, and then when I got to Walmart & did my calculations: I can make the sandwich trays for cheaper, so I got all the stuff to do that.

Oh yeah....and my camera----I can't find the battery charger. So, I borrowed the neighbor's. Well, when I got to Gage's school this morning to photograph the kids for the holiday party craft tomorrow----the batteries were dead. UGH. I took them out, rolled them on my jeans, and put them all back in different places, and like magic they worked again.....for a few minutes. Just enough time to finish up and head out to Walmart trip #1.

It's been a day.

And----you come up with a game and a craft and you create this sign up sheet for the parents (it's online and what not, so it's very user friendly), and then you only need parents for about 1/2 the kids in the class to bring something, and they don't! You get a handful of parents who sign up right away....and then there are about 3 or 4 slots that still need to be filled. So, who ends up getting those odds & ends? You guessed it: Me! The room mom. Why? Because if nobody brings the cotton balls, the snowmen aren't going to be fluffy. If nobody signs up for plates, the kids are going to be eating off their desks.

On the flip side: I'm very fortunate that I don't have to work full time and I actually had today free & clear to get and do all of the last minute stuff. {See, I'm not a totally ungrateful wench.}

Now, to leave this on a funny note, I give you some of the fabulous People of Walmart:


At 4:16 PM , Anonymous misguided mommy said...

wait wait...if i rub a battery on my pants it will start working again?

At 5:16 PM , Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Somehow, I got about 3-5 minutes out of those batteries!!!

At 5:37 AM , Anonymous J said...

Dead batteries? What a horrible neighbor you must have. I bet she feels awful reading this!


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