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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

15 Weeks

I am now 15 weeks.

{Gage made the 15 weeks sign.}

The baby is "about the size of an orange this week, her ears have migrated to the sides of her head, and her eyes are moving to the front of her face. Plus, your little smarty-pants can now wiggle her fingers and toes and make breathing movements in preparation for life outside the womb."

At 15 weeks: 
Size of Baby: an orange.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up 6 pounds. I had an appointment on Monday morning for a minor issue, and I'm now up 6 pounds.{But, let's not forget about the 17 from IVF. I mean---just look at the above photo. That's not just 6 pounds of weight gain, I'm sorry. I'm like a beast for 15 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, please.

Gender: I think it's a girl. We'll find out in about a month....

Belly Button In/Out: In.

Sleep: Hit or miss. Still wake up usually once to use the restroom, and the stiff back is ever present.

Cravings/Aversions: I'm really okay with eating lots of different stuff now. Still craving a lot of processed/not-good-for-me-foods like....
How GROSS does this look?
Me? I lapped it up like a stray dog.

But....I make myself eat healthier things. It's not that they make me sick or's just that I'd rather shove processed food in my mass quantities!
My healthier choices:

...and I reward myself with these:
{Man, I just posted a lot about food....}

Feeling: Pretty good these days!

What I Miss: Sleeping soundly through the night.

What I am Looking Forward To: Feeling this little one on a regular basis. I've felt some flutters like a group of butterflies landing, and this past Saturday, I FELT the baby move. But, it was brief and hasn't been a daily occurrence since then. Looking forward to feeling it every day, several times a day!

Milestones: I'm officially in my 2nd trimester. Woohooo.

Baby Milestones: From
The baby's "toenails and fingernails are beginning to grow, along with eyebrows and head hair. Bones in his middle ear are beginning to harden, but his hearing has not yet fully developed. Sweat glands are begging to form, as well as taste buds. Although baby’s eyelids remain shut, he will move away from any bright lights shown directly at him."
{...or her.}

Next Appointment: Just before Christmas. (That seems so far away!!!!)

That's about all for now at 15 weeks.



At 9:30 AM , Blogger Patty said...

Congratulations on 15 weeks! YAY! Love the sign :)

At 5:42 AM , Blogger Miss A said...

Two Things: 1. You and your bump are precious. And 2. Your enchilada dinner made me throw up a little in my mouth. I think its so funny what we crave when we are pregnant!

Congrats on 15 weeks!

At 4:37 AM , Anonymous Papa Bradstein said...

Since our move, I've had to do much catching up, including here. Congratulations on 15 weeks and on that beautiful pool. One regret about leaving our condo was leaving behind our pool across the street, however, our new next door neighbor has a backyard pool...and we have two beautiful wooden play structures.

I'm thinking a little quid pro quo is in order, no?

And our community also has a beautiful pool, by all accounts, although we won't see it until next summer.

At 1:41 PM , Blogger Stephanie and Jeff Stovall said...

I'm dying to find out the sex!!!!


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