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Friday, November 30, 2012

14 weeks

So....ummmmm.....I'm 14 weeks now.
And this is my confession:
The above photo: how I take Gage to school most mornings!
"Hello, Slacker Mom. Are those your husband's boxer briefs???"
Yes. Yes, they are.
And they are the most comfortable thing in this whole house.

The above photo....well, Hubby was lucky enough to see me like that in person. Also picture, no make-up with a messy bun. That completes the look! Hubby and I were both laughing about my comfortable choices. I could only be described as "a vision."
A vision of what, I can't tell you!

Pregnancy updates:

Size of Baby: TheBump says lemon. {Oh great. We've got a lemon!}

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Up 5 pounds. Though....let's discuss this. I discussed it with the dr at the last appt. I put on SEVENTEEN POUNDS during the IVF process. I got pregnant, which was the goal, but they don't count those 17 pounds as pregnancy weight. So, they calculate my pregnancy weight from the ending IVF weight. Technically, I'm up 5 pounds. I look like I'm up 20+ pounds, and I FEEL like I'm up 20+ pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Yes, mostly, though also a few non-maternity tops.  What sucks: maternity clothes shopping out here in the sticks. Nobody out here has petite/ankle length maternity clothes....and thanks to the internet I can get whatever from wherever...but there's no instant gratification from internet shopping, and the returns are a pain. But---oh well! I mostly live in my hubby's underwear, so why am I complaining, right!?

Gender: I think it's a girl. We'll find out in about a month....

Belly Button In/Out: In.

Sleep: Hit or miss. Still wake up usually once to use the restroom, and the stiff back has already started. We have a sleep number bed (which I love!) and I've tried every range of number from 35-100. It doesn't seem to matter how hard or soft the bed is...I just get back aches! I think they are starting earlier in this pregnancy than when I was this far along with Gage....

Cravings/Aversions: My meat aversion earlier in this pregnancy was wicked. Meat is starting to be okay again, so that's good. I'm getting better about eating all kinds of stuff now!

Feeling: Better, overall. The energy is coming back, so that's great. But, I'm finding that I get out of breath doing the most normal of things. I can't make the bed without stopping to catch my breath! It's crazy. Another thing that's new with this pregnancy: tailbone pain. I swear it has to do with all of the progesterone I've been on. I feel like my bones are truly moving down there! Or....this little one is pushing up against my tailbone. I dunno....either way, I didn't have this discomfort with Gage.

What I Miss: Sleeping soundly through the night.

What I am Looking Forward To: Feeling this little one. I remember vividly feeling Gage's first kick. (Well, it wasn't his first time to kick, but it was my first time to feel it!). I was in my 14th week and I was sitting in the grocery store parking lot. I had just pulled into my space and was getting ready to go into the store.
...of course, I was thinner then....

Milestones: I've officially graduated from the RE's office, which is bitter-sweet! I miss seeing them all the time. I miss the security you feel when you have someone watching over you and your pregnancy so closely. But, I'm venturing into the realm of "normal singleton pregnancy," and that's both frightening and comforting, if that makes sense...

Baby Milestones: From

This week, your baby is strengthening her muscles by moving and kicking a little more. She is becoming more flexible and stronger every day. She is even practicing moving her facial muscles, as she frowns, grimaces, and squints. Your baby is in the midst of an impressive growth spurt. Within the next month or two, she will triple in length and grow to reach the one-pound mark.

Next Appointment: Just before Christmas. (That seems so far away!!!!)

So that's the update on me & baby.
I have to scoot b/c I have morning plans, and lunch plans, and afternoon plans!
It's going to be QUITE the busy day today!



At 10:54 AM , Blogger Shannon said...

I went through my whole first pregnancy with terrible tailbone pain. My chiropractor convinced me to come for regular adjustments during my second and third pregnancies and I felt so much better. You might give it a shot. Good luck!

At 12:37 PM , Blogger Aubs said...

I get so excited every time i see a post about the baby!! You are TOO funny in your "vision" of an outfit ~ ha! love that sweet baby bump!! =)

At 9:46 PM , Anonymous Emma said...

Loving the vision and wow congrats!!!!!

At 9:48 PM , Anonymous Emma said...

Loving the vision and wow congrats!!!

At 3:29 AM , Blogger Subhash Kumar said...

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