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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Turkey Strike 2012.

At Gage's school, the 1st graders dress up as turkeys and go on strike before Thanksgiving. Each kiddo has to bring a turkey hat and make a sign for the strike. Gage's sign read, "Save the Turkeys. Eat More Cake!" That's my boy!!! Mommy's with you on that one! {...though, I do love a good Thanksgiving feast...}

Pictures at the house in the morning before the strike.... little contrary turkey. He wasn't super cooperative with any sweet turkey shots...
Excited to show off the 'turkey butt.'

The Turkey Strike at school...

Parents and students from the other grades line the halls for the parade. The 1st grade teachers dress up like turkey farmers and lead their striking turkeys through the halls. Gage was happy when it was over. I asked him if he liked doing it, and he said, "Kind of." I asked why he didn't smile. He said, "Because I kind of didn't like it."

Well, there you have it.

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