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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Our Eddie-versary.

Gage still misses Eddie and asks about Eddie often. He asked me earlier this year to let him know when it was our anniversary of Eddie's death, so that we could send messages to him in Heaven.

So....I did.

Sadly, Daddy was out of town, and didn't participate, but we had him covered....
Our notes to Eddie (our Rottie) in Heaven....

We rolled the notes up into little scrolls, and had them put into balloons at the party store. While I thought this might be a sad experience for Gage, it wasn't. He was happy to send up love notes to Eddie. And honestly, when you think about it, Gage had almost no closure at the time of Eddie's death. Eddie was there one moment, then Gage went to his grandmother's, and by the time he came home, Eddie was gone. His body was taken for cremation, and Gage never really got to say goodbye....

So, maybe this brought Gage some closure...

...and then it was off to play at the playground!

...after that, we headed off to get gas!
Why? Because we were living on the edge. {Woohooo!}
...then it was off to the voting precinct to vote!
And by "vote," I clearly mean, "wait in line and finally get to vote."
Ran into several neighbors there. One was waaaaay ahead of me in line. She said, "Hey, Gage, are you bored?" and then he got to go home with her to play with his friend & classmate, H. Gotta love neighbors!
I finished up voting and headed to her house for a bit to get Gage.

After a bit, we came home. Had dinner, and climbed into bed....veeeerrrry early.
...and we read....

He was very excited to sleep in Mommy's bed since Daddy was out of town, and he's very excited that we've almost finished his Diary of a Wimpy Kid book.

It wasn't long until I looked over and these two were asleep....BEFORE bedtime....
To note: his shirt IS on backwards. He was informed of this detail, and declined to change it. What you DON'T see in this picture are the 3.5 feet of empty space on the other side of the dog, also known as "Daddy's side." You also don't see the narrow 12 inches I was allotted on "Mommy's side." I swear....they were sooooo close snuggled up to me....we could have all been on a twin mattress and it would have been the same.

I tried to stay awake for the election coverage....I fell asleep at some point, and woke up to discover Obama was re-elected.
Texted Hubby the news....

That was our Eddie-versary, 2012.

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