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Monday, November 05, 2012

Halloween Fun with Friends....

Gage had early dismissal from school on Halloween. Perfect!

So, he was invited over to some friends' for a little Halloween fun before the evening festivities began.

Pics of the afternoon...

They went to feed the apple cores and leftover apples to the horses. C was trying to teach Gage to have a flat palm and just leave the food in your hand, and then the horse will take it and not bite you. Gage was having NONE of that. He eventually chunked the apple toward the horse, it went past the horse, and Gage told him to go get it---like you would a dog. And then Gage took off running. It was HILARIOUS.

...and then when the fun was in full swing, Gage and I had to leave and rush home to make dinner for Daddy before trick-or-treating...

Halloween proved to be a!

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