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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Neighborhood Haunted House

Every year, our neighborhood has a Haunted Trail for the kiddos.
Pictured above, R2, R1, Gage, and his buddy, C.

This year, the line was CRAZY long. For $5 you could get a "fast pass." $5 it was! Hubby went ALL THE WAY BACK HOME to get enough cash for all of us to get through quickly.

{Hey Hubby, YOU ROCK!}

Naturally, we ran into the fire truck along the way. The boys cannot resist. And---since C & his brother W were with us and their daddy is a fireman, W climbed right up into the front and honked the horn! Oh my! People jumped and it was hilarious!

(Above---Gage with C & W)

Then we ventured down to a couple of really decorated houses nearby.
The boys loved it.

The boys loved the outing and playing at the house.

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