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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What does 91 look like?

Well, that's 91 candles on a birthday cake!
Who's it for?
My Gammy.

She turned 91 a few weeks ago, and came to spend the night with us to celebrate!

We took her out for dinner at a local hibachi place. It was great fun!

Then, we headed back to our house for cake.

Then what???

Well, then there was some reading. Gage read to Gammy.
It was sweet.
It had been a big evening for us, so we shortly all headed to bed.

We woke the next day and went to church.
Then we had lunch with some friends... and then Gammy headed home to catch the end of the Cowboy game. It was a great weekend!!!!

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At 9:13 AM , Blogger mdisselhorst said...

life is precious. enjoy your time with your mother enjoyed almost 97 yrs. with her grandchildren...

At 12:15 PM , Blogger kristi said...

Wow...91. That is fantastic!


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