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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Homework & a Surprise!

So, tonight we were doing homework.
We did our spelling assignment.
We did our reading assignment.
Then Gage was reading his library book aloud to me to count toward his weekly reading time for school, and to earn a sticker on his sticker board at home (15 min. of independent reading = one smiley sticker).

When he cracked that book open, I said, "Gage, can you smell that?"
Gage: "What?"
Me: "Does this smell like a library book?"
Gage: "Yes."
Me: "Do you like that smell?"
Gage: "Yes. And it smells like some of my books. I love that smell!"
Oh the somewhat sour smell of a library book. So characteristic. I can smell that and be instantly nose-buried-in-a-book mentally...

Anyway.... here he was reading to me.... and I just loved it. I smelled it. I savored it.

Then, he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.....and his 2nd top tooth came out! (My goodness, that thing was a bleeder!) I fished his tooth out of the bloody, pastey water in the sink. He looks soooooo cute without top teeth.

I tried to get a picture....but, the flash was too bright and this is what I got:
It doesn't look cute at all.
I promise to get some pics soon.

Now, speaking of pics----Gage brought home his 1st grade school pictures and OMG. They are adorable! Yes, I'm biased. I don't care. His school pics are soooo cute!
Sadly, the quality I'm about to post is not soooo cute, but that's because I couldn't wait to share, and it's a picture of a picture. Niiiiice....

(He picked out the red starburst looking background. If Mommy picks out the outfit, he gets to pick the background. That's a compromise I can live with! And the hairstyle? He calls that the "TinTin.")

I'm so in love with my child!

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At 9:05 AM , Blogger Beth said...

A love of reading and a love of sports (just about any sport) – the best two things a child can possess/do while growing up. Keeps them busy and out of trouble. ;)


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