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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Vegas Baby, Yeah!

So....many, many, many months ago, Hubby informed me that he had a business trip to Vegas coming up in September. I was all excited. I was going to get to go with him! Wooohooo.

But then, the IVF dates didn't jive with the trip. I was forbidden to go by the RE. (In fact, I'm still forbidden to travel...)
So, what did Hubby do?
Well, he obviously still had to go on the trip for the mining convention. His buddy obviously didn't mind going to Vegas at the same time to keep him company.

So here I home....newly pregnant....playing single mom while he was living it up in Vegas. {It wasn't so bad....he brought me souvenirs!}

Some cool pics from Hubby's trip...

Check that out: he's standing in the SCOOP of one of those big machines. It looks like a stage! He'd make fun of me for not using correct terms when referencing the machines. Honestly, I can't keep them all straight when he's talking about them.  I know this: they are all big. The tires themselves are huge. All of them have to be huge for mining. I get it. And, I think the one he's standing in is a front-wheel-loader. ...I think.

Anyhow...the amazing SIZE of such equipment is fascinating to me and I told him to take lots of machine pics to show Gage. He didn't disappoint. Sweet Hubby.

Hubby's OTHER pics from the trip....

Did they ride those rides hanging off the edges of buildings? "Hell No!" according to Hubby.

They rode the roller coaster in some hotel and Hubby said that was enough for him.

I'll get to go to Vegas with him at SOME point....



At 2:17 PM , Blogger Beth said...

Your turn for Las Vegas will come - and the wait will be so worth it! :)


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