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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shark Zone ! ! !

Finally, pics from Gage's party!!!!!

Pictures of the birthday boy and some of his friends having a TON of swimming fun....

{So slick....what other 7 year old has ladies in the hot tub at his party? hahahahaha}

Cupcake time!!!

....and then gift time!
That's the best picture I've got of gift time. The kids were crowded all around. I thought they'd want to skip gift opening and swim longer, but several really wanted Gage to open his gifts. He didn't put up any arguments.

We handed out the finished goodie buckets...

In the end, Gage said it was a great party and a lot of fun. He said that his Ghostbusters party (when he turned 5) was better, but it was still a pretty good party. {Thanks, dude.}

What next?
Dinner out before we ever even headed home!

Gage wanted yet another tattoo.... ugh. Darnin said it was the best burger she'd had in a loooong time. I had a grilled cheese, pickles, & fries.

Then what???

Family gifts back at the house, and Gage's "birthday spanking" courtesy of his hero, Mario!

Then what???

LEGO TIME in the living room! left. Daddy and Gage {mostly Daddy} put together Legos in the living room. I climbed into bed. I didn't get out of bed until Sunday! Gage said he had a great day.... that's what matters!

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