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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Book Time....

This guy just LOVES getting new books.
We've been reading about 30 minutes every other day lately...and sometimes more! I read to him, he reads to me. It's great, and great for him! It's great for us to spend this time together.

For whatever reason, when I'm reading with him, I think back to when I was little, and my mom was a single mom. I remember her reading to me: Cinderella. I also distinctly remember that it was bedtime, and she asked me if I was certain that I wanted THAT book and not a different one. Certainly I wanted that story! {As a mother myself now, I understand that she was obviously tired of that story and wanting to read something else! I can totally identify with that NOW!}


At Gage's school they send home the scholastic paperwork several times throughout the year so that you can order books. This is IN ADDITION to the book fair. Had it not been right before his birthday, I wouldn't have indulged him so.... But, this time, we happened to place a big order. In reality, it's about a third of what he circled in the paperwork indicating his choices.

There are very few books that he DOESN'T want...

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