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Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Week....

Well, that's Gage in the waiting room at the dentist's office. He was complaining of some dental pain, and we thought it was stemming from his two front top teeth that are loose.
The dentist took one look at his back teeth and let me know really quick: he's teething. He's getting all four of his 6 year molars.
Kids get 6 year molars? I had no freaking idea!!!!
So, PSA to all the moms who have kids younger than mine: your kid should get 4 more teeth at the age of 6.

After that appointment, Gage went with me to the doctor for a beta blood draw.

Then we returned home where he played a fun game of CIA or FBI agent. (Here lately, he loves to come home and put on parts of his little suit...)

He's so serious!!!!

After that, we had some outside play time before it was time for bath & bed.

My little sweet boy!!!!



At 1:38 PM , Blogger Beth said...

The bare feet on the CIA/FBI agent crack me up!


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