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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 1st Grade Bible...

This past Sunday at our church, the first graders received their "first" Bible. It was such a joyous day!

Just look at that sweet boy!

Pics from the ceremony...

Now, I didn't yet know for a fact that I was pregnant that day. We suspected it, but our digital "pregnant" didn't come until later that day. Anyway---I had to excuse myself to the restroom RIGHT before this started. I went as quickly as I could, and when I got back to my seat, they were calling Gage's name. And---then the tears. Tears because I was happy for him, tears because I almost missed it, tears because I was sitting so far away, and tears because he's perfect and he's mine. I should have known right then that I was for sure pregnant.

Before this week in church, they'd of course been talking to the kiddos in Sunday School about this special day. Gage knew that he'd be getting a Bible.  What he didn't know was that he wasn't getting THE Bible. As in THE very large Bible that is always located on the altar at church. He was "okay" with his kid version. It certainly looked more entertaining....but it just wasn't what he'd envisioned. He wanted "the BIG one."  I suppose they should have been a bit more specific when they told the first graders that they'd be given a Bible from the altar and they'd stand in a line.'s our family after church...

Sweet boy...

Posing with his buddy, C.

(C was looking at his mom, and Gage was looking at me.)
Goofy boys! They adore one another. They were classmates in Kindergarten, and now have separate teachers for first grade. But---they get to see each other daily at recess and again on Sundays. Sometimes more!
...after church we went out to lunch to Mi Cocina.
"Mrs. D, Mrs. D, can we ride with Gage?"
Sure you can, buddy!

So, C & his brother, W, rode with us to lunch. We met their mom & aunt there and had a great lunch.
But, I have to say----it was a bit overwhelming to look in the back seat and see three kids. At one point they all wanted to talk to me. And of course we had 2 iphones and 3 kids. Because of the seating, we had zero arm rests. was quite a change.

It was also a great reminder that Operation Only Child is going to be expiring in less than a year...and Gage's world is going to be so very...different. He may look sweet in the pictures---but he still hates babies.

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