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Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Hi, I'm Lainey-Paney, and I pee on stuff."

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?
Well...I HAD to see if the trigger was gone, right?
So I did....
And it's not so much of a problem that I'm hiding it from friends and family.
I can quit peeing on sticks at any time (....any time after the 18th, that is....)

So, today I had a dr's appointment.
First things first---you know that we had 2 embryos transferred right?
Well, we are so very lucky that we had 2 more of good quality that we were able to freeze.  (Well, WE didn't freeze them---Dr.C-P did!) So---if this cycle doesn't work out, we at least have 2 "frosties" (frozen embryos) to try.

I've made it through the 4 days of bedrest.

I'm proud to announce that I am officially off of the PIO (progesterone in oil) shots. Wooohoooo! My ass is so thankful. {That "ass" is literally MY ASS, not a "my ass" reference to self.} My ass is so sore from all the shots. In fact---It prompted my first tear-fest meltdown the other night. This is something that I don't think even Jess knows. After a particularly painful shot the other night, Jess left and I was laying on the couch...and within a few minutes I was just crying. Like---ugly crying. I was not weepy. I was not tearful. I was losing my shit all because my hiney was hurting so much. So, what's a Hubby to do? He held ice packs on my butt cheeks and massaged them. Then we switched to the heating pad. Then I was done crying and the storm was over. We both survived. Other than that, I haven't had any other super-cry moments. I've had the raging-bitch-without-a-filter moments, but not the cry moments.

But now---we're moving on. Leaving that PIO behind us! In fact---I got a whole bunch of new medicine: Crinone. It's a cream. It comes with an applicator that is NOT self-explanatory, and one really has to read the directions when using this stuff for the first time. {In my head: how hard can it be? I've used a tampon before. Surely I can put this stuff in my vagina.} Um....not so much. I couldn't figure out how to open the applicator. Oh, and did I mention that I was bouncing back and forth between the restroom and the nurse's office at the fertility clinic when I was trying to figure this out? Good times. Whatever. I got it figured out, and just when I was ready to roll out of there with my good news, pending bloodwork, and bag full of vag cream, that's when I got the news that really made me think: "ooooh, how bad were those shots again?" Jami the rockstar nurse let me know that this new medicine requires a vaginal sweep every 24-48 hours.
I'm sorry, what?
Vaginal Sweep.
You read that correctly.
You know those 2 fingers that flight attendants use to point to the exits, here, here, and here?
They are also good for sweeping vaginas.
I'm going to stop typing about this subject now, and we are going to move onto other topics, okay? Yeah, right after I share with you what my mother said: "You make sure you wash your hands before you do that!" Thanks, Mom. For the record, that was one of those completely unnecessary comments that mothers make. {Another example: right after you run into something moms yell, "Careful!".... thanks, Mom.}

Moving on to new cars.
If I'm pregnant with more than one baby, I need a new car. It's a logistics thing. It's an arm-rest thing. And why is it such a pressing issue? Because my registration sticker is out.
"Hi, sticker is out, so I need a new one."
"No---not just a new sticker. I need a new Infiniti. A bigger one. With more arm rests.And a current sticker on it."
"Oh, money? You should have Hubby's information on file. Just bill him. Please & thank you."
"Hey, honey---I just saved you some $ and I didn't even have to switch to Geico! I got this new car so that I wouldn't have to pay the $70 registration fee for the old car."
...and by old, I mean the one I got last year.
See----I have absolutely no right to even go there on the new car front! I really DO love my car. But---if it's twins, I truly won't have enough room.
....and while I did buy TEN pregnancy tests today, I didn't buy a bigger car. That's self-restraint, my friends. And, I have my first beta draw on Tuesday, so I now have 2 sticks to pee on per day until Tuesday.

See how this post just came full circle? It started with me peeing on sticks, and it should probably end there too.



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