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Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday Party Prep!

Gage chose a shark theme for his 7th birthday. We were hosting his party at a local indoor aquatic center. He was super excited about it. He helped with the party prep as much as he could...

The goodies for the goodie bags... (I got the real shark teeth from

Oh, and then I found these fruit snacks to go in the goodie bags too. How awesome??
Gage helped with the stamping...

...and he even helped fill the pails (our goodie bags)...

Then there was some silly time when things were filled...

...and I even let Gage pick my nail polish color for my mani/pedi: blue, of course!
(And yes, Hubby, this totally falls under the category of 'Party Prep.')
Party pics coming soon!

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