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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hello, blog.

Sorry I've been away for a bit....

* Had Thanksgiving at my mother in law's house.
* Hubby woke up sick that day, so I did all the cooking. Kudos to me for pulling it off!!!
(I made: veggie tray & dip, dressing, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, & green bean casserole)
* That night: Black Friday Shopping.
(I hit Target, Dick's, then Ulta, then Belk's, then Old Navy, then Bath & Body Works, then HOME.)
(Dear Old Navy: you SUCK for not including maternity jeans in your $15 deal. Suck, suck, suck.)
(Dear Baby: I had to cut it short this year because of you. My feet hurt...I was tired....I was home some time in the 3am hour, and going to bed by 3:45am. Best deal of the night: a YEAR supply of my favorite shampoo/conditioner for $45. It usually cost me about $30 for a 3week-1month supply. Whooohooo! Thanks Ulta!)
* That afternoon: hit the road to Tyler. Hopped in Mamasita's car and we headed to Palestine for a wedding.
* Next day: Thanksgiving celebration at my Mema's in Corsicana.
* Started to help my mom decorate her house for Christmas on Sunday.
* Came back home on Sunday.
* Monday: Gage back to school. Cleaned house. Did all the laundry.
* Tuesday: washed all of the baby stuff out of the attic!
(WHY did I pack away Gage's diaper bag fully packed? Seriously---about 5 years ago, I left that bag fully loaded and put it into a box with baby blankets. What happens to an open tube of Desitin that has been in storage for 5 years? It turns to concrete. The powder & lotion in the bag? Straight to the trash too. I just can't bring myself to use them even if they are perfectly fine. Blankets in the bag....some of Gage's toys were in there... I'm glad I didn't find a 5 year old dirty diaper in there! What on Earth was I thinking 5 years ago!?)

That's about all I know for now....


At 7:14 AM , Blogger Rikki said...

That's hilarious!!! I have so much stuff just waiting for that little girl!!!! I just need to make sure it's a little girl!!! Hurry and confirm, please! BTW, any name ideas yet?!

At 3:29 AM , Blogger Subhash Kumar said...

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