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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gage's School Thanksgiving

Gage's school didn't have a Thanksgiving Feast. Instead, they had a "Give Thanks" night. It was the night before the final tally on the food drive. Each grade was competing against the other to see who could collect the most food for donation. I don't know if the 1st Grade pulled it off.... Last I saw, it looked like they were getting beat by a bunch of Kindergarteners...

I can say that it wasn't for a lack of trying on the part of Gage's household! Gage sent me to the store while he was at school one day so that we could feed the homeless, and they would "WIN." He's a highly competitive individual.

Anyway.... here are pics from the Give Thanks night...

 Gage enjoyed making the Thanksgiving bead bracelet. He did not enjoy making a corn husk doll and we opted out. The kids wrote/made cards for soldiers and thanked them for their service. They had fun activities set up for them in the gym. They made ipad pictures in the art room.... and this BIG activity (as in, most challenging for Gage, and most time consuming): making this turkey. You have to go line by line and solve a math problem. When you get the answer, you look for that # on an envelope around the room. You take the corresponding piece of construction paper out of the envelope and glue it on your paper. Then you move on to the next problem. It was a good activity, but.... man, it was chaotic in there! Gage had to count on his fingers for a few of them.

We had fun.

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