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Tuesday, December 04, 2012


So, I clicked on this link off the yahoo main page, and it was something about changing your habits regarding eating to shave off calories & pounds without much effort, etc.
I read this:
" A new study from Cornell University says the secret to eating less--and feeling more satisfied about what you do eat--could be as simple as turning down the lights. Researchers found people who ate a meal under soft, warm lighting consumed 175 fewer calories than those who noshed in brightly lit places. The study participants who dined under mood lighting ate 18 percent less of the food on their plates--and also rated their food "more enjoyable" than those under bright lights. Scientists think that's because the harsh fluorescent lights commonly found in fast food restaurants may create a psychological need to rush through meals and eat more--so light a candle or two at dinnertime, and you may be less stimulated to gobble up your food."

...and I was just wondering what their study said about eating in the relative dark. Because you put me in a movie theater with no lights---I can knock out some popcorn, yo. And in the end I always feel regretful, not "more satisfied" about what I ate.

I'm just sayin'....



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