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Monday, December 03, 2012

The Easy Bake Oven...

Dear Hasbro,

Could you help a girl out and make the Easy Bake Oven in primary colors, please? See, society's already gotten into my son's head and has him believing that "purple is for girls." If he looks at your marketing materials/box pictures with the Easy Bake Oven, he'll think that baking too is just for girls. I'd really like to share the Easy Bake fun with him....but he won't go for a purple girl-ified oven.

Baking is not just for girls.
Cooking is not just for girls.
Purple is not just for girls, but that's somehow already been forced into his belief system, and I blame the kids at school...

...I'm just saying: next year at Christmas, if you release an Easy Bake that's not so obviously marketed toward little girls, we'll buy one. I'm sure we're not the only family....

~Gage's Mom.

OMG, it's 12/4/12 now, and I just saw on the yahoo page a link to someone else's plea to make the Easy Bake Oven not so sexist!!!!


Ha! I posted about this yesterday, and today I see that I'm not alone!



At 7:23 PM , Blogger Kate said...

I agree. Wait a few years and we'll buy one, too!


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