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Monday, December 10, 2012

Say What?

So, the other day, Gage came home from school and we were hanging out on the couch. He flipped me off and explained to me that a boy in his class did that to him and told him what it meant. "WHAT?" "Yeah, it means that you hate God."
...well, not exactly....
"Ummm....Daddy? Can you come here & help me with this, please?????"
We explained to him that it's not nice to flip people off, and informed him that it is a very mean way of saying, "I hate you."

Thanks, classmate.
...Hope you aren't the one to tell him all about the birds & the bees later in life...

In cuter news, Gage said, "Mommy, do you want to watch 'The Ghost of Carol' with me?"
"What? I don't want to watch any ghost shows!"
What movie was he talking about?
How funny is that!?

And another Kids Say the Darndest Things moment around here lately: Gage informed me that he wants to go see the big in Santa. Gage has been freaked out by Santa for years! In fact, if you ask Gage about Santa, he will likely start the story by saying, "He breaks into your house when you're asleep...." {Ask him about the ToothFairy? She's worse! She breaks into your house while you sleep and sneaks into your room and reaches under your pillow where you're sleeping. By then, Gage has the heebie-jeebies just in telling the story!}
ANYWAY: he wants to see Santa this year.
Saaaaay whaaaaat???
{So, you bet I'm gonna make it happen!}

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At 4:49 AM , Blogger Aubs said...

okay so the flipping off part...UGH! makes you wonder where kids learn the things they know!

and the santa & tooth fairy part? HILARIOUS!!! i love his thinking process on that ~ he seriously sounds like the funniest kid!! =)


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