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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday, Dec.14th.

I had a million things to do Friday morning.
I did most of them.
And then I got a text about the school shooting in Connecticut while I was at home, folding laundry....doing chores. So, I turned the TV on....
....and it was just horrible. So horrible. All I wanted was for my son to be home with me. All I could do was cry and fold laundry and try not to go get him.
....and then I couldn't do that anymore. I couldn't resist.
....and I went and got him.
I got him to just be with me, where at least if something was going to happen, I could either try to protect him or we could go together! How sick and twisted is that thought?

We send our kids to school where they are supposed to be safe. What an illusion.... It just brings about the realization that we are all so very vulnerable and anything can happen at any time.

....but in the mean time, we got ice cream during school hours. He didn't need me by his side, but I needed him by mine.

To later learn that the kids killed were the exact same age as my with a birthday just two days after Gage's..... just babies.... It's just awful.

Sweet boy, 
It pains me to know that even though I would go to the ends of the Earth to protect you, I may not be able to shield you from the ugliness in this world. I will not be able to protect you from every evil out there. I may not be able to even identify the dangers as they lurk around our corners....but I will try.



At 8:04 PM , Blogger Alicia Brunson said...

One of the victims was born 2 days before Bryson. Avielle Richman, I decided to make a commitment to pray specifically for her family. It is just so horrible, and hits so very close to home.


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