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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa Cow, 2012 & Letter from Santa

Gage is NOT a fan of Santa in the sense that he doesn't really want to see him, or meet him, or sit on his lap, or wake up and find him in our living room. He's curious each year, but ultimately, his fear wins out and we have no trips to the mall to see Santa or anything like that....

The Chik-fil-a cow? That's a different story! Gage IS a fan of the cow. So, when our local Chik-fil-a had a Santa Cow event, we were on it!

I took him this morning. We had breakfast and he had his picture made with Santa Cow. He made an ornament, played in the play area, and even sat for a story. It was great for Gage.

In light of everything that happened in the school shooting the day before, it was nice to just be there with my baby, watching him have fun.... and I tried to just soak up the moment, you know? I just appreciated being there with him.... away from the news, away from the details, and the constant barrage of information about the tragedy.... While my heart hurt for those parents and families, all I could do was appreciate the fact that I had my son to love and watch and hug....and I did.

That afternoon, we had Hubby's family Christmas at my mother in law's.

When that was over, we snuggled in at home, just the three of us.
....then Daddy checked the mail.

Someone was very excited! In the letter, Santa indicates that Gage is near the top of the Nice List. Gage was thrilled. Every year, at least once before Christmas, this child has a quite tearful panicky moment where he's not quite sure which list he's on. I don't EVER remember being that way as a child. It hits Gage every year, and makes me wonder just what exactly has he been up to that I'm not aware of....ya know?
But, somehow, every year, he's in the clear and gets the hook up from ol' Saint Nick.

....he's just a little boy....

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At 5:41 PM , Blogger Aubs said...

I can't stop giggling at Gage's feelings about Santa!! its sooo funny!! The letter from Santa is really cute!! =)


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