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Sunday, August 12, 2012

(Vacation Post #7)

The following day after our boating outing with Bradley & Sylvan, we scheduled a snorkeling trip to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley.
We went out with a tour leader, Alfonse.

....and then there was the "swimming with sharks" adventure.
I opted out of that.
I mean---I snorkeled for two days in a row. There are only so many new adventures I can take in a short amount of time. There isn't a single thing in my entire body that says "Hey, there are sharks down there in that water. You should jump in and swim with them." Nope---nothing about that sounds appealing.

PawPaw & Damon enjoyed swimming with the sharks though...

Darnin and I just enjoyed petting them from the boat....

 After that, we had to rent a golf cart so that we could go to the North side of the island to check out the Palapa Bar ( It's rumored that Jimmy Buffet's "Cheese Burger In Paradise" is actually about a burger he's had at the Palapa Bar! (so of course, I had to try it!)

We saw some pretty interesting signs and things along our drive on the North side....

After that, Damon & I took Darnin and PawPaw back to the resort, and we did a bit of shopping in town for souvenirs, and riding around...until it was time for dinner. We headed out to a Mexican restaurant that night.
How perfect is that cut-out for a photo, I ask you? Too bad it was sooo dark....

Clearly we had fun at dinner...

And----we saw the boards leftover from Thursday night's game of "Chicken Drop."
What's "Chicken Drop?"

Oh, let me tell you....
They put these boards down in the shape of a big square. People pay $$ to buy a square. Then, they bring out the chicken.... They pick a gal from the crowd to spin around with the chicken and then blow on the chicken's ass. (yes, you just read that.) She puts the chicken down, and it wanders around atop the numbers. If it shits on your square, you win.
But, quite popular.
On Thursday night when we passed by, there was such a large crowd that you couldn't really even see what was going on. So wild....

....but this post marks the end of our Saturday in PARADISE!

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