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Sunday, August 05, 2012

(Vacation Post #2)

So, after our arrival, we couldn't wait to get out & about and explore the beach area. There are few things nicer than arriving at the beach and just...being there. Experiencing it. Seeing the ocean. Putting your feet in the sand. Looking for shells.... Oh, I love going to the beach.

Right outside of our resort, there is a sand walkway and a wall area. The ocean is just a few feet below the wall/walkway area, and it has sea grasses growing below the water surface. I learned during my stay that resorts will often apply for a permit to clear an area of the grasses for guests to swim and enjoy. The grasses bring in a wider variety of sea life, so for the most part, there are designated areas cleared for swimming, and the rest is kept in its natural state.

Our resort had a long wooden pier and a cleared swimming area all around the end of the pier. More from there coming soon.

Other pics from our beachy walk...

We headed down to an area with mangrove trees...

Walking in the complete opposite direction, we passed another pier with these fishermen cleaning their fish at the pier. The birds swarmed overhead, and what we learned later: stingrays come there to feed on the scraps that they throw in the water. How fun!?

We grabbed a drink at this little bar/restaurant called Estel's. This is where I was introduced to the oh-so-delicious-drink-with-a-horrible-name-drink: The Panty Ripper. {gross.}
We also met a super-sweet bird, Paquito. So sweet! {And, according to our waitress, he was sweet on me...}

On our way back down the beach, we met the stingrays for the first day. I just LOVED petting the stingrays EVERY DAY! It was awesome. To just walk down a beach, walk into the water about 6 inches deep and pet a stingray in it's environment? That's amazing.

{How cute is my mother, I ask you?!?!}

We also saw some of the more traditional native women selling their handmade pieces...
That night... I can't remember what we did for dinner that night.
I know that the resort had a movie room where you could just pick DVDs to watch whenever. We were visiting during the rainy season, so it rained daily for about 30 minutes and then stopped. For the first few days, we watched a movie each night. It was so relaxing and fun.

When we woke, it didn't take us long to hit the pool....

...and then, we headed down our pier and into the ocean!
{Yes, that's correct: I got into the ocean.}
They even have stairs that lead directly down into the water. That really made it easier for me to get in, instead of just jumping in.

I have to say---when swimming, there were local and mainland children everywhere. They were all so gracious and appreciative of the tubes we were able to share with them. They generally took turns and allowed others turns. They were just so sweet. They told us that in school they are taught to be nice to tourists. There was a little guy, Luis, who was my favorite. Another thing I noticed about these children: for the most part, they all had straight and white teeth. Good teeth. I don't know how or why I noticed that about these children, but it was probably because their skin was so summery-tan, and they were constantly smiling. So sweet.

....and for now, that's where I'll have to leave ya!

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