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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4th of July, 2012 (Part Two)

When we woke up, none of us were really in the mood to head to the park to grab a spot and sit for a few hours in the heat waiting for fireworks.
{As fun as fireworks are, we weren't eager to go sit in the heat, ya know???}

So, what did we do instead?
We went to a local fireworks stand.

Check out this bad-mamma-jamma....

No, we didn't buy it. {For one reason: check out the price! For another reason: who uses THAT many firecrackers!? And yet another reason: I'm a total chicken. Firecrackers are literally 'playing with fire' and I'm always afraid that I'll be responsible for burning down somebody's farm and in turn impoverishing a family. See how my mind carries me?}

Anyway....we got a small assortment of fireworks and hit The Harbor for Twisty Treats (yum-o!)....

And then---it was firecracker time.
We actually had two rounds of fireworks because the first round was when we were eager, and the 2nd round was when it was a little darker outside....

{Oh what fun. Let's set fire to the chicken's ass...}

Smoke bombs in the chiminea: genius!

Other fancy firework action....

And then of course it was a bit smoky....Hubby used a box fan to clear the area! {We've since had ceiling fans installed on the patio, but as of 7/4, they weren't yet there!} Hubby was cracking me up with the fan.
Then----for the grand finale at the Casa de Lainey-Paney---we had this little gem: a tank. We thought perhaps you'd light it and it would flicker and spark like a sparkler. Hell no. You set fire to it, and it whistles, and then it rolls and sparkles, then cannons go off, then it whistles again.
All the while---your 6 year old starts to freak out and scream and you run him inside while trying to get pictures of course..... Yeah, for future reference: don't want to draw attention to yourself for your harmless backyard sparklers? Well, don't buy one of these freakin' tanks!

So then what happened? When the tank was successfully extinguished, Hubby gave the whole area one more quick soak (because we soaked the area prior to lighting any fireworks) and put all of the popped firecrackers/sparkler sticks in a bucket of water. We rushed to do all of this and turned off all of the lights and all ran and got in bed! {Like teenagers about to be caught breaking curfew! "We were asleep, officers! It wasn't us popping anything!}

How did we end the night? Watching fireworks on TV and going to sleep!

A great time was had by all! {until the tank was lit....}

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At 12:41 PM , Blogger lisa said...

Ok the answer to that would be my husband. I’m glad we don’t have a local fireworks store. And the tank part made me laugh.

At 12:59 PM , Blogger Courtney said...

Looks like fun! We don't do crowds or traffic either. We head out about 30 minutes before the show and park at the funeral home on 66. We can sit in the car, watch the show and be out of the parking lot and home in 10 minutes.


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