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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

(Vacation Post #3)

There was certainly a lot of great eating while we were in San Pedro!
One night, we went to the Blue Water Grill. I had a Key Lime Pie drink. OMG, it was wonderful! ....while it was freezing cold. I decided that I'd kind of savor it, eat my meal, and finish it up as dessert. Not a good idea. In the future: that will be my dessert! It was so yummy!

After dinner that night, we were walking down the beach, and there is a park area, where they bring in trampolines and kiddie things on the weekends. The kids were having a blast. Kids kept asking me to take their picture. "Take my picture! Take my picture! Watch this! Did you get it? Can you put it on facebook!?" Ummm....I don't have a facebook.... But here are the pictures!

Another night we met up with a couple, Michael and Pamela, who now live there. They, I believe, moved there from Oregon. Sadly, I don't have a whole lot of pictures from the Wild Mango's night! Here are some pictures from before dinner, and on the way to dinner.... (I couldn't resist petting the stingrays EVERY DAY!)

We had such a lovely time with Michael and Pamela, that we made plans to have breakfast with them the next morning. It was a HOT, non-breezy walk down to the Yacht Club where they live. Had there been a breeze, it wouldn't have been so bad....

The above pictures are of one of the schools on the island. It's right on the ocean, and it's kind of a series of brightly colored buildings. One of the local women who works at the Sol Spa there at The Phoenix was telling me that this is the school where "the rich kids go."

We continued on our way until we arrived at the Yacht Club. 
At breakfast, we tried dragonfruit for the first time. It is so neat and delicious!

In addition to the dragonfruit and wonderful juice smoothies, we had sausage and some AMAZING French toast! It was delicious!

We had a great time with them at dinner and then at breakfast.

As we were leaving, there were some kids fishing and they caught barracuda!

(From what I understand, these barracuda can grow to be significantly larger than the small ones these kiddos caught. They have scary sharp teeth, but rarely attack humans. They typically feed on smaller fish, and only when they are extremely hungry will they go after shiny objects on humans like jewelry and dive equipment.)

More from our trip coming soon!

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