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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Karate Kid a trophy winner!

We returned from our Colorado trip on a Wednesday night.
On the following Saturday, Gage had his 1st ever karate/taekwondo tournament.

I am super excited to say that our little guy won 2 First Place trophies.
One trophy was for "forms" and the other for "weapon of choice".

For anyone who knows how incredibly shy my child is in real-life, then you can appreciate what an amazing accomplishment this is for him. He got up in front of a room FULL of people, and went through his moves. He did it with the teacher by his side, but the fact that he actually got out there on the mat, without Mommy & Daddy, while he had all those eyes on him----OMG, I am so proud!

He was so happy. His first trophies ever.

So then what did we do?
We celebrated, of course. Chuck E. Cheese's.

And, our kiddo was feeling QUITE out of his normal personality, and even got close to Chuck E. Cheese himself!
How braaaaaaave!

We had pizza, and played games, and we got to celebrate the day with Memaw & Poppa. Memaw saw him compete earlier in the day, and then they both met us up at Chuck E. Cheese's to celebrate... There is no doubt that this child is loved!

We had a blast & won LOTs of tickets.

Man....just ONE TICKET shy of 500.
Lucky for us---they rounded up.

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