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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Colorado Trip Day 5. {FINAL DAY!}

We woke at our hotel in Colorado Springs & enjoyed a breakfast together while we let Gage plan our day. (Oh yes we did.)

Gage's first task to tackle: Playing on the playground at the hotel...

While Daddy repacked the car. {Have I posted yet about how much I loved the flex-fuel Yukon XL that we had? Well, I certainly liked it. It's a biiiiiig car, but it was so nice!}

After that, we were on the road to Denver.
We didn't fly out until late in the afternoon, so Gage chose our day-time activity at the Denver Aquarium!

We had so much fun.

The freakiest thing we saw:

Those are piranhas. We walked upon this tank, and it looks like fish set in gel. They don't move. It's like they are so perfectly still just waiting under the water until something starts bleeding in there, and then they'll be on some crazy frenzy. Oooooh!

The COOLEST thing we saw:

Gage LOVED the sharks....

And we got to pet the StingRays....

After our exit from the aquarium (strategically placed so that you must exit through the gift shop), we took our purchases over to a nearby Mexican restaurant...

Where we dined & played...

And then---returned the rental car, and arrived at the airport. We had to wait...and wait....and wait at the gate where our plane back to Dallas was delayed due to bad weather in DFW. But...during our wait, we saw these bunnies hanging out at the airport. Really. It was so wild. There were bunnies outside the window just---hanging out. Probably waiting for the SkyChef cart.

We landed in DFW at night....right after storms & a tornado hit here. Good times. It really wasn't too bad for us though, because hey, we missed the storms.
Sadly, we left a bag at the airport. Hubby got the call about it while we were driving & we were almost home. Hubby's initial response: Well, it's just full of dirty laundry, and it's not really worth driving ALL.THE.WAY back to the airport to pick it up. WTF???!!!! Are you kidding me? Gas & parking to the airport---$30 max. I can assure you, my FAVORITE jeans that fit just right---PRICELESS. It's worth it.

You'll be happy to know that in the end---Hubby went & picked up our bag of dirty laundry.

............and I can't believe I'm FINALLY done blogging about the Colorado trip!

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At 8:28 PM , Blogger Zephra said...

These pictures were so great that I even showed my husband. I am trying to talk him into a trip there next summer.

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