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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Colorado Trip....Day 3.

Day 3 started with breakfast here:

{and nick-named 'The $6 Bagel Shop' by me.}

Hubby & GrandDaddy Longhorn both had this:

...which they say (1) was worth every penny, and (2) was the best French Toast they've ever had in their whole lives...

After that: RAFTING!
Sorry to say that I don't have any pics just yet. We used one of those waterproof disposable cameras, and I just haven't had it developed yet.
The water was VERY cold.
The rafting was VERY fun (mild, but fun), and when Gage gets older, we are DEFINITELY going back for more rafting!
We went through a company called Nova tours, or something like that. Our guide was Kevin Z., and he was awesome.

After rafting....we again, hit the open road headed toward Breckenridge. We stopped at this super-great restaurant in Frisco,CO. It was so delicious!

We went to Breckenridge with the express purpose of taking Gage on the Alpine Slide. Lucky we went when we did because it was the very last day of operation for the season, and we got there with just enough time to go down once.

Pics that I shot AS I was going down {such fun!!!}:

You're on these little...sled kind of things. They have wheels on the bottom. You have this lever where you can break or make it go faster. It was so fun.
Here's GrandDaddy Longhorn coming down:

Gage went down with Daddy & they headed down first. So, I have no pics of them. Then, I went down, and I had the camera with me, so there are no pics of me doing it. It was a lot of fun. There are 3 different tracks to choose from, and they're all cut down into the ground. Very fun.

After that, we walked around in the bright, quaint Breckenridge....

Then...back to Vail for the evening....And of course, that meant swimming. This time, the indoor pool & hot tub.

And then---I was lucky enough to shower & clean up in the Golden Leave Spa's Ladies Lounge. Yes, the shower had 5 jets, and the Golden Leaf products were heavenly!

I went back to the room after that, and packed us up for the next day. All the while, Hubby headed out to Blue Moose Pizza in Lionshead & picked us up some delicious pizza for dinner.
And then---we turned in for the night....
That was the end of Day 3!

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