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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

San Antonio Trip....Part V.

So, the tales of the SA trip continue. But, I assure you---we are nearing the end. In fact, it is Tuesday morning as I post this. I am now posting about our adventures 8 days ago, which was our final day in San Antonio.

We woke.
We swam.
We packed up.
We checked out of the hotel.
And---we headed here:

To see this:

{the animatronic dinosaur exhibit, which was sooooo cool}

The museum has a lot more to offer than just the dinosaur exhibit--although Gage will tell you that the dinosaurs were the best part...

We headed over to the children's area at the Witte. It was fun & interactive. It would have been so much better if there hadn't been 800 different field trips going on at the same time...

In this next picture---check it out. Waaaaaaaaaaay back when, they apparently had electricity, and their oil lamps had plugs....Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Funny story from while we were in the little rustic cabins: They have these models that are kind of low for kids to see, and they detailed the construction from various types of log cabins. Apparently one of the displays was interactive. Hubby & Gage entered the area before me, and I didn't realize the display was interactive. I'm checking things out as I walk through the doorway, only to hear about 100 lincoln logs fall. I FREAKED. I just KNEW my child single handedly destroyed some model made by someone who spent a bazillion hours constructing.
Hubby had a good laugh at my expense. It really WAS an interactive build-your-own-log-cabin type display for kids.

After the museum, we had to grab a quick bite for lunch before hitting the road. We heard that the pork sandwiches from this place were good:

Apparently, we should have stuck with ordering the pig sandwich...because we all ordered different things. I ordered fried pork chops. They were so disgusting that I couldn't even finish them. I felt like I HAD to eat some of it because I ordered them, and I knew we were going to be in the car & I didn't want to be hungry or make anyone stop at another place for me to get food, and you know...I just felt like I had to. Hind sight is 20/20. Hubby took one bite of my fried pork chops & didn't even want to finish chewing it! Hubby's lunch wasn't great either. Gage didn't even want to eat his hot dog. A restaurant that f*cks up a hot dog? THAT's hard to do.

They advertised root beer in a frosty mug... That's odd. Mine was served in a plastic run-of-the-mill cup. I got screwed.

Will I ever go back to the Pig Stand?
The answer is no, absolutely not.
And you know---the dive-looking joints that the locals suggest for a quick lunch are usually good places! What a disappointment.

Then we hit the road for our 5 hour drive. {and by "our," I mean "hubby's" 5 hour drive. Gage & I slept off & on just before we hit DFW rush-hour traffic. Perfect timing...}

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At 8:10 AM , Blogger lisa said...

Wow, it looks like your trip was a lot of fun. I'm with ya on the dives. Usually they are great!

At 12:06 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Okay, two things:

The Witte is AH-MAAAAY-ZING!!!! We love that place!!! YAY!!!

Pig Stand? We do NOT eat there, and anyone who lives in the SA area that told you to go there was settin' you up, sister. Yucko. So many other cheap, good, dive-ish places to eat other than that! :-)


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