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Friday, May 21, 2010

Hubby: YOU ROCK!

Thank you, Hubby for my new iphone.

Story: I've wanted one. We all know that, right???
Well, when we got back from our San Antonio trip, Hubby had to turn right around & go out of town on a business trip. He usually has to front a bunch of money for hotels, taking groups of clients out to lunch or catering lunches there, etc.
So, he tells me---"Don't spend a bunch of money while I'm gone."
So, I take that to mean, 'why don't we wait on the iphone upgrade?'
He was apparently referencing the time that he went out of town on a business trip & came home to my new car in the driveway. He told me late Wednesday, "Oh, well, I didn't mean that you couldn't go get your phone." By then, it was late, and Gage & I were spent. Then, Thursday, I had to work until 8pm. So, I didn't get the phone.
Thursday night---got home from work, and he was home from his business trip.
Not only did he trim/groom the dog, but he also got me my new iphone!

.......and I'm STILL trying to figure out half the sh*t on this phone.

Thank you, Hubby!



At 9:05 PM , Blogger nycgirl0501 said...

YAY !!!!!

Hubby rocks! You will love it. I just wrote quick post on my favorite apps. You must get words with friends so we can play! we re iPhone buddies lol

enjoy it!

At 4:08 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Enjoy - you deserve it!

Wish I'd invested in Apple way back when - of course, I didn't have any money to do so way back when... ;)


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