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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Best $9 I Ever Spent.

How much have you ever paid for MatchBox/HotWheels car?

I paid $9 for one.

But let me tell you---it was the best $9 I've ever spent.
On this:

Why, yes, that is the Ecto-1 from GhostBusters.
Yes, my child was born a few decades too late to enjoy some things the first time around...
He LOVES all things 80s. {well, most things 80s.}
He LOVES GhostBusters, and Back to the Future, and The Great Outdoors (the edited-for-tv version)...
He just likes what he likes...

Anyway---that little car is the first thing in his hand each morning, and the last thing he puts down at night (most nights). ONCE---we lost the car. It was AWFUL around here for a few hours. Luckily, we found it safe in the middle of the floor inside Mommy's closet. Whew! Bullet dodged there. I was tempted to drop another $9 on ebay for a replacement!

This boy LOVES his Ecto-1.

And what does he want for his birthday?
A reeeeeeeeeeeeal GhostBusters costume.
GhostBusters goggles...
GhostBusters shirts...
GhostBusters Stay-Puft-Marhmallow Man money bank...
A reeeeal Sedgewick Hotel (which he calls 'Cedric Hotel') to play with...
He wants GhostBusters everything.
Ebay & I are going to have to become good friends over the next few months!



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