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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back when Mamasita came for a visit.

I can't remember when I started calling my mom "Mamasita."
Probably when I was in Mrs.Oneal's Spanish class.
I'm not sure.... but it stuck.
Not to mention the fact that people sometimes believe she is hispanic and they just approach her speaking Spanish and she goes into this weird mode of "WTF are you saying to me?" mom.

And then there was this one time at the grocery store (not at band camp), where I ordered a cake or cookie or something. It was supposed to read, "Happy Birthday Mamasita."
Instead, it read "Happy Birthday Mama Sita."

So, here are some pics of Mamasita/Darnin when she came to visit...
She made Tostadas, but didn't want to dirty a plate.
Seemed like a thoughtful act at the time...right?
Here's why we can't take her anywhere:

{but, of course she's awesome & totally cleaned up after herself. she's self-sufficient like that...and she was probably wishing she'd really just used a plate instead!}

Tucking Gage into bed...

{and Gage enjoyed it, but I know my Mama---she enjoyed it more!}

My Mamasita is AWE-SOME.

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