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Monday, May 31, 2010


Look what I did!

I did it with this:

...handy-dandy little tool that I picked up @ Tom Thumb.

...and look what else I did...

I put up these framed prints over this little shelf where we hang our keys, purse, etc, by the door to the laundry room...

It's definitely feeling more like home around here, but I still need to find the perfect curtains. Until then---we are sans curtains. Actually---we're sans a lot of a couch or seating for the play-room, adequate toy storage for the playroom, any theme whatsoever for the guest rooms & upstairs bathroom, any solid surface for me to erect the sewing machine & necessary supplies...okay...I need to stop.

The point is: it's coming together. Slowly, but surely.



At 2:41 PM , Blogger Zephra said...

Its been over a year and I still don't have furniture in the game room. I may never...

At 2:56 PM , Blogger lisa said...

Are those apples? Just don't go to Knock Off Wood, because you will start building furniture like me!

At 6:36 AM , Blogger Kate said...

Wow! Very nice!


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