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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Melis & Goofball...

Well, my Melissa got married to one Mr.Goofball.
Okay...that's not reeeeally his name, but somehow, that's what we call him around the Casa de Lainey-Paney. In fact, the nickname was really from Colin & intended for Gage, but Gage flipped it on him, and now they are just "Goofball & Goofball."

At Chateau Melissa, Gage is "Goofball."
At the Casa de Lainey-Paney, Colin is "Goofball."
Confusing? Yes.
Does it work for us? Sure does.
{And yes, Melissa---I just named your home. You need a sign...}

Last weekend, they came to TEXAS!

So, they brought gifts for Gage, which he loved.
While he has enjoyed the books---the Ghostbusters "sweat band" was the biggest hit! (I put that in quotations b/c Hubby quickly corrected me when I referred to it as a bracelet.)

They LOVED our little Ranger...{can you really blame them?}

So, they got to our house late in the evening on Saturday night after spending all day at the Byron Nelson.

We got up Sunday morning...

{Yes, that's me 1st thing in the morning}

We were all sooooo lucky to have Hubby cook up a big breakfast.

...while the rest of us played outside...{poor Hubby...missing all the fun}

{Yes, that's Gage's 'Mom-stop-interrupting-our-play-to-take-your-stupid-pictures' pose. Cute, eh?)

Gage was also slingin' rock in the living room. {I could NOT HELP MYSELF! I had to type that!} No, really, he was selling them his gems from his panning adventures while we were on our recent trip...

After breakfast, we went for a walk down to the playground. Gage rode his bike...and he had to stop and give Goofball a flower. I'm tellin' ya---Gage loves Goofball.

We played at the park for a bit...but it was SO hot.

When we got home, Gage wanted to play in his little hose-sprinkler thing...which just created mud puddles. Fun. ...ya know..if you're a little boy.

So, Daddy turned on the regular backyard sprinklers...
Well...that was entertaining for our little guy...

And finally: How to make your own backyard pool for less than $24K---Gage style.

The visit was too brief. We don't see each other enough. I miss her terribly.
And so-----we just HAVE to get to STL this Summer. We just have to.

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At 6:58 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Ghostbusters, treasures, bicycles, water and mud - the joys of boys!

At 10:50 AM , Blogger lisa said...

Water in a wagon! Love it. My sister-in-law and her neighbor use to use trash bags for slip-n-slides and then sit in them and fill the water. Good times, good times.


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