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Monday, January 18, 2010

Construction Update.

Oh, the smell of freshly cut wood is just---exciting!
I was telling my mom that we should bottle the smell & sell it to Glade.
"New Home Smell"....ahhhhh.....

So, today I came home, and not only do we have decking for the roof, but we also have plumbing & a floor!

Augh! I am so excited.
{don't I look excited?}

Look! Plumbing!!!

There will be a shower here...

There will be two pedestal sinks against that back wall...

Yes, I know...we still have a long way to go, but I'm still excited.

Last Wednesday: coffee w/ some moms after school drop off. Zephra & I then went shopping. It was on my to-do list, and she said that she'd enjoy going, so we hit a few spots. LUCKILY for me, she went. Why? Well, because I went to Lowe's and intended to ORDER two white pedestal sinks. What a mixed blessing: they had 2 of the style I chose in stock. Only one would fit in my trunk. So, Zephra carried the other one home for me. Woohoo! Thanks, chica!

And, later I went to Home Depot for blinds & faucets....
I got two of these faucets {I wanted the vintage looking "x" handles, like we have in the shower in the main bathroom, but Hubby doesn't really like those, and didn't want them for this I chose something else...that kind of has a retro-feel to me...}:

We've got lots of things still in boxes, so I'll refrain from posting pictures of my boxed up shower, toilet, sinks, mirrors, etc. It will be hard to contain my excitement, but I'll try.


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At 7:23 PM , Blogger Papa Bradstein said...

That is very exciting. Also, I imagine, tiring to keep up with. I like the retro faucet. What you need is an old Boraxo dispenser on the wall to go with it.

At 7:46 AM , Blogger Zephra said...

I was so excited to see the floor! And I love the faucets.

At 8:54 AM , Blogger NYC Girl said...

You look so beautiful! Definitely brighteningup the room to be.

You can be the hot chick from that Home Improvement show! :)

At 6:42 PM , Anonymous misguided mommy said...

you look so happy, cutest pic...your also a huge dork laine


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