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Friday, January 01, 2010

Pneumonia Knot-Head. Happy 2010.

We stayed up until midnight.
All of us!

Gage officially has pneumonia, but he's been on antibiotics since Monday.
He got a new antibiotic yesterday, b/c the z-pack {liquid for kids} wasn't working & we were a hair away from the final day.

At almost midnight, Gage moved a chair near the wall, trying to reach the light switch. The chair slipped {I think...I wasn't RIGHT there} and he fell. Got a niiiiiiiiice knot on the top of his head from hitting the nearby door jam.

We rang in the new year, and went to bed, while I held an ice pack on the top of his head.

Poor buddy.
Gage: hoping 2010 begins & ends a lot better than 2009 ended for you!!!

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