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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Fun! {Part ONE}

This year was THE BEST Halloween for Gage.

Remember how in the past he wasn't such a fan of Halloween?
That's all changed.

In fact---it's fair to say that he's worn his costume out.

Pics from our Halloween celebrations...

Halloween Festival at the Harbor:

I was totally excited when we found this guy dressed up as a GhostBuster! We thought Gage would be too. Not so much....He was afraid that ghosts were going to come out of the ghost-busting-machine.

{and pardon the bruised knot on his forehead. sometimes Gage & corners of the wall don't mix...}

Funny story from Trick-or-Treating the police @ The Harbor: Gage got 2 suckers from the cops that read, "Just Say No." Gage said, "What does that say?" I told him that it read, "Just say no."
Gage: "To what? Just say no to what?"
Mommy: "Just say no to drugs. It means don't do drugs."
Gage: "Well, I'm doin' 'em. I'm doin' drugs."
Mommy---laughing---nodding to Daddy.
Gafe: "No, not Daddy. Me. Gagie. I'm doin' drugs."

Oh, we just cracked up!
Little criminal mind! The cops say not to do something, and he's instantly on it. He's opposite trained!!!

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At 1:36 PM , Blogger shoeaddict said...

We were watching GhostBusters the other night and I thought of ya'll.


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