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Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, Friday....

Well, we've made it to Friday.

I'm at home this morning.
My mother in law's very good friend passed away yesterday, so keeping Gage today would probably be just too much. Hubby had an early am appt., so I'm home for morning shift, and he'll be home around noon. Then I'll go to work...
Very sad.

Need to hit the grocery store this morning. We'll see if I can get everything (meaning me & Gage) ready with time to do that prior to me going to work!

Had a mid-term last night. Beware of all "open-note" tests. They are ALWAYS harder than the regular tests, and your notes are NEVER adequate enough! Yes, the test was hard. It's in my class that I think is hard enough. It's a Research II class, and you have to do these statistical analyses of data, etc. Icky-icky-icky.
But---it's over & done with. We'll just wait & see what the outcome will be.

It's cool here this morning. That's good.
It's also NOT RAINING today---so maybe the insurance company will have appraiser #2 out here----you know, since they've been putting it off due rain. Mind you---I made my initial report of damage on 9/14. We are 30+ days away from that now...

The interior of my home looks like a bomb went off. I would start cleaning---but I don't know where to start. So, I'll do what I can...after the grocery store. Why start now what I could put off until later, right?
{I'm just sayin'...}


At 11:54 AM , Blogger Pregnantly Plump said...

We've been getting bucket loads of rain here, too. And noticed two small leaks in our new house this week! The inspector probably didn't notice because we never get rain like this! My dad and Bob attempted a fix, and we're hoping it worked. They both almost fell off of the roof doing it, but I'm sure someday it will make a great story.
Hope you did well on your test. I'm sure you did.

At 3:44 PM , Blogger Judy said...

The weather is great here, today, too. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend - did the insurance dude make it out this afternoon?


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