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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Man.

Daddy took Gage to get his Halloween costume Saturday, 10/17. They said that is was a ZOO there at Party City.

Gage's 1st choice for Halloween costume this year: Crocodile Dundee. Can you imagine his disappointment when they just don't stock those character costumes from 80s movies?

So, he selected his 2nd choice: Spider Man!

And, I may be biased, but I think he's just the cutest little 4 year old Spider Man I have ever seen!

{pardon the reflection of me in the mirror!}

So, hopefully this year trick-or-treating will be more of a success. For those who know, Halloween has not been Gage's favorite thing....the whole "asking strangers for candy" has been....well, eventful! And when you think about it---of course it doesn't make sense! Stranger-Danger is crammed down his throat 364 days a year, but then one night a week we throw him into a costume & expect him to accept candy from strangers {well, Memaw's neighbors who Hubby is familiar with, but Gage doesn't know most of them as 'friends', you know?}...

Anyway....he's going to be Spider Man. He's had the costume for less than 24 hours now, and he's worn it for most of those hours that he's been awake! During the time he doesn't have the costume on, he told me he's just being "Peter Parker." Silly goose.

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At 1:35 PM , Blogger Laura said...

How cute!!! Love his come back about being Peter Parker!!!!!

At 3:12 PM , Blogger Mandy said...

He's a super cute spidey! Hope trick-or-treating goes well for you this year!

At 8:18 PM , Blogger Judy said...

Spider man! Spider man!
Does whatever a spider can!
Spins a web
Just his size
Catches theives
Just like flies,
Look out! Here's comes the spider man!

Is that right?

At 7:04 AM , Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

Judy---I have no idea.
You're way ahead of me on the curve. I've only got ONE little guy, and we're just venturing into things like Spider Man. Apparently I need to google & acquire some better Spider Man trivia & songs!

At 7:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love it! Cutest Spiderman I have ever seen!

At 1:46 PM , Blogger Chris H said...

I understand his confusion!
I don't let my kids go Trick or Treating for two reasons:

1/ We are not Americans, so why follow an American Tradition?
2/ Why teach them 364 days of the year to not accept sweets from stranges, and not to go onto strangers properties... then TELL THEM TO?

It does not make sense to me.
And in fact it drives me NUTS when kids knock on my door in the evening asking for sweets. Where are their parents? Certainly not with them around here anyway! Just not safe.

Sorry, this is a major bug-bar with me.

Cage looks very cute in his costume... even if ya can't TELL it's him!

At 1:21 PM , Anonymous Momish said...

He is the cutest Spider Man I have ever seen (and Peter Parker for that matter!). My daughter wanted to be an Orca. Not many of those around. Thankfully, she then fell in love with a My Pretty Pony costume. Schwew!

At 6:44 PM , Blogger Brandie said...

I think he's cute as well =) It must be nice to live with a super hero!

At 9:00 PM , Blogger Papa Bradstein said...

Interesting about Crocodile Dundee. Our Party City had Indiana Jones costumes, which aren't that much different--big hat and some accessories.

Also, cutest Spiderman ever. He's already learned how to climb right up people, I see.

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