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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve...

So, on Christmas Eve we go to my Mamasita's house down in Tyler.

A good time was had by all.
There was LOTS of yummy food, including Hubby's Beef Wellington & this yummy asparagus casserole.

Alas, it was time to go home...

Allen rode back to Dallas with us to spend the night and Christmas day with Dad., when Allen went back to Dad's, and Gagie was tucked safely in seems....that Santa came!

Santa is clearly a fan of my oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies...

Why...what is THAT? It's Gage's new train table that Santa & his helpers delivered. Geez, Santa....big enough? Perhaps you should have read that it was 4 foot by 6 foot before you bought it! ...I mean---before the elves made it.

Santa & his helpers had to rearrange Gage's room a little, and had to move some furniture out. (read: the changing table...........okay, so I'm a freak & I've used the changing table MUCH longer than the average family...whatever. I loved the changing table...)

Twas the Night Before Christmas 2008, Lainey-Paney Style:
And was the night before Christmas, and all through the house...not a creature was stirring, because there better not be a single mouse in this house!
Gagie was tucked into his parents' bed, so visions of his train table didn't appear in his head... The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...but they were so full that they wouldn't stay there. The family was dressed in their matching pj's, and all slept in "daddy's bed" until the next day. And just when I'd reached that deep sleep like Heaven, In walked my father in law at nearly 7:00!

...and tonight, that's where the story must end.
I'll post about Christmas Day soon, I promise!

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At 8:07 PM , Blogger She said...

You are such a beautiful family! Awesome photos!

Merry Christmas!

At 11:34 PM , Blogger Chris H said...

I bet Gage loved all his gifts from santa..... I too loved our change table and it broke my heart when I finally had to part with it! Silly eh?

At 4:51 AM , Blogger Beth said...

All your pictures are great but that first one? The best!

At 6:50 AM , Blogger Daddy M said...

Love the 'What happens at Grandma's Stays at Grandma's' t-shirt!

At 7:45 AM , Blogger Beth said...

what great pictures! and have you played Rock Band???!!! That game is SO addictive!!!! I LOVE it!!

and I take it Gage likes Thomas...right? ;)

At 10:10 AM , Blogger Judy said...

Looks like it was a wonderful Christmas Eve! How can you possibly top that?

Here's hoping that our cough/fever thing is an easy-peasy virus and I'll be well enough to get on those planes tomorrow. I think some Mexican sun and a mimosa will be just what the doctor ordered!

At 1:28 PM , Blogger Christy Ann said...

Gorgeous photos! Santa was very generous to Gage. :) I think it's lovely to leave some of the prezzies unwrapped.

Most of Guy's gifts were for the backyard. A trampoline, a see-saw and a swing-set - all from Kmart!

Even though I lay-buyed (lay-away?) it all 6 months ago, they "couldn't find" the swing-set I ordered THEN they stuffed up the delivery on the new - not a good one - so they threw in a large wooden cubby-house for my trouble. It was a total nightmare, but really, I can't complain... :)

I thought we might keep the cubby-house hidden until next Christmas, but we probably won't! xxx

At 3:59 PM , Blogger Zephra said...

Okay, that was the coolest train table ever.

At 7:37 PM , Blogger Robin said...

What wonderful train goodies!! I know he was siked!!
Thanks for asking, we had a GREAT Christmas-glad it's over though!!

At 8:33 PM , Blogger Just Me said...

Looks like you all had a great Christmas! Ours was great, we stayed in our new pjs all day, ate like nobody's business...and that's no lie!

At 11:39 PM , Blogger Cristina Mathers said...

awesome! such amazing and creative gifts. love them all, as i am sure he did too!

At 9:26 AM , Blogger Jiff said...

wow. that table looks awesome!

At 8:47 PM , Blogger angie said...

Looks like you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!!


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