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Monday, January 22, 2007


So, I've posted many many times about my child & shoes.
I mean, "shuz". (that's how he says it...)

So, his newest thing: wearing other people's shoes.
Like...Mommy's house shoes.

And, just so you that last picture, he was watching those "happy hands" dancers from Napolean Dynomite.
He loves it when Napolean dances.
Well, the 1st time he saw it, he just stood there, kind of frozen. Stunned & shocked that someone could have so much passion & look like such a spazz. He was afraid that his own passion for dance had been tainted or tarnished by Napolean's bad moves...but in the end, Gage decided that a passion for movement & rhythm is so much more important than the ability to do something well or perfect.
And so there it was.... in our living room...
Gage & Napolean...dancing.
Napolean in his puffy boots & "Vote for Pedro" shirt.
Gage in his blue camoflage jammies, green reindeer socks & his mother's house shoes...
sharing a passion for dance.

(I crack myself up.)
(Mom, don't let me laugh alone. You know this stuff's funny. Have you seen Napolean Dynomite?)


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