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Monday, January 22, 2007

Mommy Finds...

The mind of a child...
kids are...well, they're just so sweet & cute...and funny!

Here's what I found in the living room:

Gage has this wooden & plastic set of cog-wheels that we got from IKEA (Ginger, take note! You can pick up a set when you go there next time! Oh, and while you're there--get me one of those $2 bag storage things.)
Anyway...Gage took all of the plastic pieces out of the wooden base. Discarded the base to the other end of the room. He put all of the pieces in one of Daddy's shoes.

Too funny.

*******Random note: I am either getting waaaaaaaaaay sick of my living room rug...or it's just incredibly hideous when you zoom in on it like that.
I dunno.
I think I'm getting tired of it.


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